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Traditional Paan

Traditional Paan

Paan lead has several health benefits and supari too. Not only for medicinal purposes, both these have cultural and religious importance in festivals and functions.

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Practice Surya Namaskara on Makara Sankranthi Day

On January 15th of this year Indians are celebrating Makara Sankranthi.

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Celebration of Makara Sankranthi

Celebration of Science & Spirituality: Makar Sankranthi

The Sun stands for knowledge, spiritual light and wisdom. Its message is that of light, unity, equality and true selflessness.

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Burning Online Ravan – Dussehra Celebrations with WerIndia

#BurningOnlineRavan – Dussehra celebrations

Do you want to be a part of the auspicious day – the day Ravan was killed by Lord Rama? Don’t know how? Here is an answer. Go online and burn Ravan online.

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