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Guduchi is safe to use

Guduchi Is Safe To Use And Does Not Have Toxic Effects, It Is Misleading To Relate Guduchi To Liver Damage -Ayush

Recently, Guduchi plant is in news. Some of the media falsely linked this great plant to liver damage. Ayursh ministry, India declined these claims and has given clarification. Guduchi (Giloy) is one of the most loving plant in Ayurvedic system as it fights many diseases from dengue to diabetes.

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Guduchi kashaya

Immune Booster Guduchi Amruthaballi Khashaya

Boosting immunity is critical to stop falling sick. Strong immunity means, your body will fight back against all those germs. There are many ways to boost the immunity. One herb that is great for fighting several types of sickness and for a stronger immunity is Guduchi also known as Amruthaballi (Botanical name: Tinospora cardifolia).

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Simple Home Remedies For Cold & Cough During Omicron Pandemic

While Omicron is prevailing across the globe, if someone is suffering from cold and cough it causes stress and tension. If you tested negative for Covid-19 and still suffering from seasonal cold & cough then, try these simple home remedies to bring symptoms under control. If you have high fever, consult doctor.

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