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Question of the Day

This food group is our body’s best source of energy?

  • Meat Group
  • fats, oils and sweets
  • breads and cereals
  • milk and cheese
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Which of these is added to the food label because people sometimes don’t eat ENOUGH of this?

  • fat
  • calcium
  • sodium
  • cholesterol
  • Don't know
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Which of these is required on the food label?

  • Total carbohydrate
  • Sugars
  • Iron
  • All of the above
  • Don't know
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“Beefsteak” is a variety of following vegetable


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What is another name for maize?


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What food doesn’t belong to this group?

Apricot (belongs to different plant family)

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Sulforaphane, a compound thought to protect against cancer, is found in

In mustard family members a), b) and d).

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Only one juice is high in iron. Is it

Prune juice

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