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Omicron BA.2 variant symptoms

BA.2 A Sub Variant of Omicron Is Raising In US, UK And Other Countries, But Experts Remain Optimistic

According to Center of Disease Control US, the BA.2 sub variant of the Omicron now makes up a quarter of Covid-19 infections in US. In US alone since January 2022, Omicron has made up all new infections and most cases caused by sub-variant of Omicron called BA.1.

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When to quarantine and when to self isolate

Covid And Flu: Understanding When To Go On Quarantine And When to Go On Self-Isolation

Guys, don’t say good bye to mask yet. Covid variants are out there and we need to take precautions. In addition, flu like symptoms are prevailing and people are having fever, cold, cough and sore throat. When tested for Covid-19, some are showing negative to the virus presence. Still the Covid cases are increasing across the globe.

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Gene variant protects from Covid-19

Gene variant that protects against COVID-19 identified

genetics research, scientists at Krolinska Institutet In Sweden identified a gene variant (DNA segment from immune system) , presence of this genetic segment in people will lower risk of developing serious infection from Covid-19 – Healthy Life

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