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Tag: Food Borne Illness

Listeria foodborne pathogen

Food Scientists Create National Atlas for Deadly Listeria

Food borne pathogens can be fatal. One of the most common food contaminating pathogens is Listeria monocytogenes. Every year this food infecting pathogen causes death of hundreds of people. The infection is most likely to sicken pregnant women and the newborns as well as the older adults with weakened immune system. The infection caused by Listeria is known as Listeriosis that could be life threatening.

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5 Keys for food safety

Five keys for food safety

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World food safety day

World Food Safety Day June 7th

On its 73rd session of the United Nations General assembly in New York, UN declared June 7th is world food safety day.

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Food poisoning

Tips to avoid food poisoning

Food poisoning (or food borne illness) happens when you get sick from eating or drinking something that has harmful germs in it

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Using a food label to compare nutrients in foods from the same food group

  • shows how to avoid food borne illness
  • can not be done because labels do not indicate food groups
  • supports the menu pl
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