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Tag: Eating disorder

Apron belly effects

Health Risks Of Having An Apron Belly Panniculus

An apron belly, medically known as panniculus, can have various effects on an individual’s health and well-being, both physically and psychologically.

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Body Image Obsession

Mirror, Mirror on the wall – Body Image obsession

Some concern about one’s appearance is normal. But an obsession with one’s appearance is not. Body image obsession is also called body dysmorphic disorder.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall – what is wrong in the image ?

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Enjoying the foods we eat

  • is an important part of good nutrition and health
  • must be given up to reduce disease risk
  • only counts for special occ
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Body image and will power

“Will Powers” for Improving Body Image

Eating disorder is a common condition that we find in students and young adults.

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