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Childhood cancer symptoms

Symptoms of Childhood Cancers

Early signs of pediatric cancer are sometimes hard to spot, since childhood is filled with common illnesses and injuries.

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Risk factors for juvenile cancer

Risk factors for childhood cancer

What are the risk factors for developing a childhood cancer?

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Lymphoma in children


Lymphoma starts in certain cells of the immune system called lymphocytes. These cancers affect lymph nodes and other lymph tissues, like the tonsils or thymus.

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Acute lymphoblastic leukemia in child

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

The most common childhood cancer, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia accounts for about 34 percent of all cancers in children.

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Brain tumor in children 

Brain Tumors

Brain tumors and other nervous system tumors make up about 27 percent of childhood cancers. There are many types of brain tumors and the treatment and outlook for each is different.

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Neuroblastoma juvenile cancer


Neuroblastoma arises from immature nerve cells in infants and young children. Primarily found in children younger than 5, this disease often begins in the adrenal glands and makes up 7 percent

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Wilms tumor in children

Wilms Tumor

Wilms Tumor starts in the kidneys and is the most common type of pediatric kidney cancer. Wilms tumors usually only form in one kidney, but sometimes both

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