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Yoga pose modifications

Easy modifications of yoga poses

Sometimes certain yoga poses can pose issues on the body. It might be hard to get into the poses or if the body alignment is not proper it could pose problem on body parts. Not getting into yoga poses the way we must, could be strenuous and result in pain in hands, joints, can cause numbness,

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Eagle pose modification

How to Modify Eagle Pose

Interlocking arms and hooking one leg behind other leg is difficult for many yogis even after several years of practice. Another requirement of this pose is, body should be in straight line. There are two modifications for this pose.

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Child pose modification

How to Modify Child’s Pose

Child pose is resting pose. But some people find it hard to do the pose because of the way their body is structured or knee pain, back pain can make it difficult for them to use this beautiful pose. Here are modifications for child’s pose or balasana.

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Tree pose modification

How to Modify Tree Pose

Tree pose is a good hip opener pose and a challenging pose as it needs lot of concentration and balancing act. Till you understand how to do tree pose, practice with prop and modifications

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Shoulder stand modifications

How to modify shoulder stand

It is important to keep neck and shoulder in proper position while doing shoulder stand. Do not move head side to side or look side while doing shoulder or head stand. To keep neck protected one can either use prop or modify the pose

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Pigeon pose modification

How to modify pigeon pose

For some yogi’s it is difficult to bend the leg and place it behind the arms in pigeon pose. Try these variations and get help using yoga props.

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Wrist recovery exercises

Wrist recovery exercises

Certain yoga poses need support from palm and wrist. Often wrists can get hurt or injured while doing yoga poses

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Beware of artificial ripened fruits

Beware of artificially ripened fruits

Beware of artificially ripened fruits. Fruit ripening is a natural process. When they mature fruits are either taste sweet or sour. Generally, the result of natural ripening is always great. We get to eat sweeter, less green, palatable and soft fruits.

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