Couple yoga benefits

Benefits of Practicing Yoga with Life Partner

The word yoga in Sanskrit means “union”. It is derived from Yuj which means to join. Yoga helps to build a beautiful understanding of body and mind. When couple practice yoga together, it will help to strengthen the relationship and brings joy and satisfaction in life.

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Padahastasana Forward bend pose

Practice Padahastasana & reduce belly

Padahastasana Foot Hand Forward Bend is intermediate pose. It takes several practice to get into the pose. It is one of the best pose out there in yoga that helps to reduce belly and strengthens muscles.

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Lizard pose hip opener

Release Tension By Practicing Hip Opener Uttahan Pristhasana Lizard Pose

Uttahan Pristhasana known as Lizard Pose is intermediate yoga pose that opens hip muscles. The pose resembles standing lizard hence it is known as lizard pose. This pose is recommended for those who wants to stretch hamstring and hip flexors and especially recommended for athletes who have tight hips. Stretching with this pose helps to relax and strengthens quadriceps.

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Guided imagery relaxation

Learn How To Relax Through Guided Imagery

The degree of stress that we go through depends on the situation and the way we response to the situation. When you go through too much of stress, friends and family may suggest change of scene or you may wish that you could be in somewhere else where there is no stress or a place to relax. You might imagine being on the beach, visiting a beautiful place or traveling some place

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Boost serotonin naturally

10 ways to boost serotonin naturally

People who suffer from such conditions seek medical attention and take synthetic medication that target serotonin. To boost serotonin naturally

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Pungu mayurasana

Pungu Mayurasana One Arm Mayurasana An advanced yoga pose

Pungu Mayurasana advanced yoga pose included in vinyasa yoga poses also known as wounded peacock pose

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Table pose benefits

Benefits of Table Top Pose Bharmanasana, Transition Pose

Bharmanasana also called Table pose / Table Top pose is a transition pose between yoga asanas during yoga sequences. It is widely practiced in Hata yoga, Restorative yoga, Prenatal yoga. It is a beginner pose that helps to bring balance during stretch.

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How to heal oneself

How Self Love Helps to Heal Oneself

There are numerous reasons in life to be unhappy, sad, and have a broken heart. Likewise, there are many ways one can heal oneself to get back to normal life and be happy. Self-love is one reason

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