Smokers vulnerable to Covid-19

Why smokers are more vulnerable to Covid-19

If you are a smoker, then think before you pick up next cigarette. Recent reports on Covid-19 telling us that smokers are prone to severe covid-19 infections.

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Infection risk in cancer patients

Why infection risk is high in cancer patients

Cancer patients are more vulnerable for infections. Infection risk is high due to their changed, weakened immune system. Immune system which is defense mechanism of the body changes with cancer and cancer treatments.

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Mucormycosis fungal infection in covid patients

Mucormycosis Fungal Infection in Covid-19 Patients

The black fungus infection called Mucormycosis occurs when the body immunity system is too week because of severe illness. In this case, mucormycosis infection happened with patients who were tested positive and treated for current pandemic.

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New covid strain

Fear of New Covid Strain Variant Spread

As we are entering new year 2021 a new covid strain SARS-COV-2 that appeared in the UK is spreading around the globe. Many countries are taking steps to stop the spread of rapidly spreading SARS-COV-2.

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Probiotics for weight loss

How Probiotics Help to Lose Weight

To reduce weight and keep body mass index under control, people are looking at a probiotics diet. Probiotics are live microor

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Covid-19 vaccine CDC plans

CDC – 8 Things to Know about Vaccine Planning

While the whole world is waiting for Covid-19 vaccine, Center for Disease Control in US has explained eight important points that citizens should know regarding the Covid-19 vaccine

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Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer

Encouraging News Pfizer Announces Covid-19 Vaccine Results

After many months of waiting, today we have some good news about COVID-19 vaccination.

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Mask mouth symptom

Mask Mouth Symptoms and Care

Have you noticed a type of unpleasant smell under the face mask that makes us feel sick? It is called “bad breath” or halitosis. Apart from this, people also are experiencing mouth dryness more than usual, sore throat, toothache, sometimes coughing and gum bleeding (causes stained teeth and bad breath) after wearing a mask for longer hours. This condition is called “mask mouth”.

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