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Vegetarian Recipes

Cauliflower- Sweet potato tabbouleh

Cauliflower- Sweet potato tabbouleh

Tabbolueh is one dish that we can consume anytime of the year. Cauliflower -sweet potato tabbouleh is healthy salad with low calories for those who prefer to eat light yet filling food.

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Corn Fritters

Baked and deep fried corn fritters recipe

Yummy evening snack with tea – baked and deep fried corn pakoras recipes are for pakora lovers

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Instant poha idli recipe

Instant lip smacking soft Poha Idli with filter coffee

Preparing delicious and healthy idlis takes time. There are other ways to prepare idlis at home without taking much time. Instant rava idli, instant rice idli are two recipes we can use when we feel like eating idlis. There is another way to prepare tasty recipes with or without using baking soda. It is instant poha idli or beaten rice idli recipe.

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Chickpea vegetable soup recipe

Healthy Recipe Chickpea Vegetable Soup

Here is a healthy vegan soup recipe that you must try that helps your digestive system in good condition. Chickpea vegetable soup -Mixing chickpea with vegetables in vegetable broth gives you enough nutrients of the day.

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Jackfruit payasam dessert

Delicious Jackfruit Payasam dessert

This is jackfruit ripening season. Delicious taste of jackfruit makes it one of the most loved seasonal fruit and people look for good ripened fruits to prepare dishes.

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Hibiscus watermelon juice

Hibiscus Watermelon juice for summer thirst

Hibiscus watermelon juice is a good option to beat summer heat and quench your thirst. Hibiscus plant provides many health benefits. Both leaves and flowers have medicinal properties and can be used for culinary purposes.

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Aloo chat recipe

Delicious aloo chat recipe

Feel like eating snacks? Try aloo chat or potato chat. It is an easy, popular snack served at many restaurants as a chat item

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Spicy roti recipe

Lip smacking Apple pickle & Spicy roti

There are many varieties of Indian roti recipes one can venture. One of the popular Indian roti which has slight spice into it is missy roti or besan roti. With slight modification of ingredients, you can make missy roti

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