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Vegetarian Recipes

Dalgona coffee recipe

#Dalgona Coffee recipes

During lockdown people are becoming more creative and trying new recipes. On Social media you must be seeing images about a “new” creamy coffee – Dalgona coffee!

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Spicy roti recipe

Spicy Roti with Apple pickle

There are many varieties of Indian roti recipes one can venture. One of the popular Indian roti which has slight spice into it is missy roti or besan roti.

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Samolina biscuit & burfy recipes

Samolina biscuit & burfy

During lockdown not just adults, children also suffer. Children like to eat something tasty and interesting. Like in other pa

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Fenugreek seeds khashaya

Healthy Fenugreek- Methi Khashaya

Methi or Fenugreek seeds have many medicinal properties. Seeds are good for lowering blood cholesterol, friendly for heart, recommended for diabetes condition, aids in digestion

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Lemon lentil soup recipe

Lemon Lentil Soup

If you are home during this COVID19 outbreak, try keeping yourself healthy with healthy food. Consuming good amount of protein, cooked vegetables, vitamin C and fresh fruits are good choices for better health.

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Bilva leaves chutney

Bilva leaves chutney for diabetes

Bilva or bael is a middle-sized tree native to India. It is considered as a sacred tree and used for religious purposes. Bilva leaves and fruits are used for medicine preparations as wells as cooking.

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Apple banana carrot halwa

ABC Halwa recipe

ABC halwa is a simple sweet recipe (halwa is an Indian sweet dish) and takes only 30 minutes to prepare. It contains two fruits and one vegetable as main ingredients -Apple, Banana and Carrot!

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Apple rose pastry for Valentine's day

Apple Rose For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and people love to express their feeling with everyone. In fact, Valentine’s day is for everybody who wants to bring change in the world by sharing and showing love.

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