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General Motors Diet Plan

The GM diet or the General Motors diet plan is a weight loss program which was approved by the US Department of agriculture and FDA Food and Drug Administration. It is a kind of diet program which aims at the complete fitness of the individual. It is a seven day plan and the accompanying weight loss is a result of negative calories.

Certain general guidelines for the GM plan are:

  • Adequate amount of water, around ten glasses is recommended, during the program. It flushes the system of all the metabolic wastes, drugs and other toxic substances.
  • Complete abstinence from alcohol is a must.
  • A whole range of veggies are available in the diet, which is taken in the form of salads. Be careful with the dressing, as mayonnaise is not allowed. Commonly preferred light dressings are lemon juice, garlic, white vinegar, herbs or malt.
  • Use not more than one teaspoon of oil, in salads.
  • Beverages such as black tea, flavored water, black coffee and herbal tea are considered.

GM wonder soup is a good supplement that is allowed at any part of the day, during the diet plan. It comprises of six onions, fresh tomatoes, a bunch of celery, twenty eight ounces of water, flavoring, herbs, one head cabbage and two green peppers. The soup provides satiety and helps to break the monotony of the diet.

7 Day General Motors Diet Plan for Weight Loss :

Day One:

  • All fruit diet.
  • No bananas.
  • Melons and cantaloupes are preferred fruits.
  • Fresh fruits are better, though canned fruits are also considered.

Day Two:

  • All veggie diet, either in the cooked or raw form.
  • A baked potato with a pat of butter is allowed.
  • No restriction in the quantity of vegetables.
  • Calorie free veggies help in weight loss.

Day Three :

  • Fruit and vegetable diet.
  • No restriction in the quantity.
  • Potatoes and bananas are a big ‘no-no’.
  • A lot of complex carbohydrates in the diet.

Day Four:

  • A milky-banana day.
  • Three glasses of milk with eight bananas are allowed.
  • No restrictions in the intake of GM wonder soup.
  • Bananas help with potassium. Noticeable reduction in cravings for sweets is seen.

Day Five:

  • Tomatoes and beef comprise the fifth day.
  • Two portions of hamburger or lean beef (about ten ounces) are taken with six tomatoes.
  • Sprouts are a good substitute in vegetarians.
  • Increase the intake of water to eliminate the uric acid.
  • Tomatoes provide fiber and help in digestion. Beef helps with protein and iron.

Day Six:

  • Veggie-beef day.
  • Vegetables and beef are consumed in unlimited quantities.
  • Vegetables provide fiber and vitamins, whereas beef provides protein and iron.

Day Seven:

  • Fruit juices, vegetables and brown rice comprises the last day of the diet plan.

The GM diet promises a loss of around 10 pounds, by the end of the week, if followed fervently. Guidance of a physician, during the plan is recommended.