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Calorie Content in some Common Indian Dishes

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TitleServing SizeCaloriesFatsCarbohydratesProteins
Dosa1 Dosa802g17g2.3g
Aloo Baigan1 (271g)1919.9g24.6g3.8g
Shev Dahi Batata Puri4 balls3799.5g64g12.2g
Shimla Mirch Aloo100 G933.4g12.8g1.5g
Aloo Paratha1 (216G)3907.9g65g9.6g
Khichdi1 Plate1030g0g0g
Nasi Bryani (Rice Only) Singapore1 Plate45814g0g0g
Vadi1 piece10029.6g18.5g4.8g
Hing Spice1/4 tsp40g0g0g
Cooked Chickpeas350 g4629g82g13g
Mooli Paratha1 (83G)1806g30g5g
2 Chapati and Green Sabji2 cooked705g5.8g0g
Brown Rice With Lentils and Vegetables1 cup5000g0g0g
Aloo Gobi1 Cup2470g0g0g
Chicken Masala W/ Naan Wrap1 wrap1958.1g30.5g20.4g
Chicken Makhani1 cup4096g63g14g
Aloo Baigan Cooked Vegitable1 cup cooked1034.7g12.3g1.3g
Dosai1 medium802.5g30g12.8g
Channa Dal Masala1 cup2903g55g11g
Vegetable Jhalfrezi1 c prepared2000g0g0g
Aloo Gobi Masala1 cup203.65.5g35.1g6.6g
Papadom3 pcs/10g200g0g0g
Sardine Paratel1 cup1560g0g0g
Chapati1 pcs/38g106.52.5g20g3g
Tomato Chicken1/2 cup1345.4g6.9g14.7g
Medu Vada, (Indian Doughnut Shaped Snack Made From Black Lentils)2 pieces33411g43g14g
Lamb Vindaloo4 oz36015g8g25g
Moong Dal (Yellow Split Lentils)100 gm3581.2g59.9g24.5g
Aloo Mutter Paneer – Diced Potato, Cottage Cheese and Pea Curry100 G1064.8g13.3g2.5g
Mulligatawny Soup1 cup1002g12g0g
Vegetable Balti1 portion2900g0g0g
Dhaba Murg (Chicken, Onion, Tomato, Coriander, Chilies)1 portion2104g6g35g
Aloo Pat Gobi100 g750g0g0g
Chavali (Black-Eyed Beans) Usal1/2 cup cooked1745.8g25.2g7.5g
Puri1 piece1125g16g3g
Chicken Briani365 gm52012g81g23g
Chicken Biryani Rice1 cup510.816.1g40.6g46.6g
Chicken Saag1 cup29010g35g19g
Onion Pakoda1 cup cooked1191.8g21.1g6.1g
Mutton / Lamb Biryani1 plate cooked25011g5g24g
Buffet Plate – Extra Chicken1 plate40010g20g20g
Lamb Madras Curry1 cup27014g13g23g
Chole (Curried Chickpeas)1 Cup2027.6g25.47.7g
Sarevda-papdi30 g900g20g1.5g
Vegetable Biryani1 cup2900g0g0g
Samosa – Meat and Veg1 Samosa (35 Grams)882g12.5g5g
Naan bread100 g46525g54g5g