Wrist recovery exercises

Wrist recovery exercises

Wrist recovery exercises:

Certain yoga poses need support from palm and wrist. Often wrists can get hurt or injured while doing yoga poses (downward dog, plank pose, wild poses, hand stand etc.). After performing a pose, try to relax the wrist by wrist recovery exercises.

  1. As shown in Picture A, press palm on the wall, and give sight pressure on palm (Picture A)
  2. Interlock finger of both hand, and squeeze and separate palms few times (Picture B)
  3. Face palm away from the body and slowly bend the fingers back towards you and release (Picture C)
  4. Sit on the floor and keep your palms on the floor facing backwards. Spread the fingers. Apply slight pressure. Do this few times (Picture D)
  5. Place hands on the floor backward, let palms face up, spread fingers and, apply pressure very gently on the back of the palms (Picture E)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 9, 2019

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