Vitamins Prevent Breast Cancer

Vitamins can prevent breast cancer in women

Every woman wants to know what she can do to lower risk of breast cancer. Some of the factors associated with breast cancer — being a woman, age, and genetics, for example — can’t be changed.

Other factors — being overweight, lack of exercise, smoking cigarettes, and eating unhealthy food — can be changed by making choices.

By choosing the healthiest lifestyle options possible, one can empower oneself and make sure to bring down the breast cancer risk is as low as possible.

Few of the studies show that certain vitamins can help in preventing breast cancer. Next few slides explains these vitamins as well as the sources that are available. Sometimes people take vitamin supplements.

However, never take a supplement without talking to your doctor first. They may cause dangerous interactions with medications or lessen the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

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Beta carotene: Click here to read more

Vitamin A prevents breast cancer


Vitamin B6: Click here to read more

Vitamin B6 prevents breast cancer


Vitamin C: Click here to read more

Vitamin C prevents breast cancer


Vitamin D: Click here to read more

Vitamin D prevents breast cancer


Vitamin E: Click here to read more

Vitamin E prevents breast cancer




Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 16, 2017

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