Cosmetics Facts: Eye Infections

Cosmetics Facts: Is it true?

  • Using mascara the wrong way can cause eye injuries and infections, even blindness

Answer: The most serious risk from mascara is scratching your eye with the mascara wand and then getting an infection from germs on the wand. To use mascara safely, follow these rules:

  • Never apply mascara in a car, bus, plane, or any other moving vehicle. It’s easy to scratch your eye if you hit a bump or come to a sudden stop.
  • If mascara gets dried up, don’t add water or – even worse – (yuck) spit into it to moisten it. This can add germs that may grow and cause an infection.
  • As mascara gets old, it is more likely to have germs growing in it. Throw it out after three months.
  • Don’t share mascara – not even with your best friend. You might be sharing germs that way.

Remove all mascara, and any other make-up, before you go to bed. Bits of mascara can flake into your eyes and cause an infection.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 20, 2016

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