Tooth decay, prevention and care

Tooth decay prevention & tooth care

Our health depends on what we eat. For chewing food, we must take care of our oral health. Our mouth, gum, tongue and teeth help us to eat. These tools are much essential for us to chew and swallowing. To take care of oral health we must follow good healthy habits in terms of taking care of these essential tools.

Mouth is the initial contact for the food and all those nutrients that we consume on daily basis. What food we eat will impact health of tongue, teeth and gums.

Any imbalance in health first shows in mouth. One such health imbalance that we regularly can notice in teeth health. Teeth discoloration, deposition of white plaque, decaying tooth and teeth cavities are few signs of bad oral health. How to take care of teeth and gum to have a healthy body?

What is tooth decay?

What is tooth decay


Foods that help dental health

What is tooth decay

Foods that harm dental health

Harmful foods for dental health

How sugar influence tooth decay

Sugar and tooth health

What are some of common sugar added to foods

Added sugar in foods

Sugar substitutes effects on our health

Sugar substitutes & health

Tips to prevent cavities

Tips to prevent dental cavities



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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 13, 2019

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