Tobacco should not be breathtaking

Tobacco cessation

Tobacco cessation : Quitting or cessation tobacco usage helps to save millions of lives. It is essential to quit smoking to prevent chronic lung diseases which is potentially irreversible once it develops. Quitting tobacco helps to improve lungs function within two weeks and improves quality of life.

Comprehensive tobacco cessation services are available across 17 countries. If tobacco cessation is adopted by all health care providers it could reach a large number of population that smoke and encourage them to quit for better life.

Mobile phone based tobacco cessation programs such as Be Healthy Be Mobile “mTobaccoCessation programme” reach wide population of users with personalized support through texting. It helps to quit smoking and is very efficient and cost effective. In India, this program achieved a self -reported 19% quit rate at 4-6 months of follow up. This program has been implemented in many other countries and readily available for local adaptation to any country context.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 3, 2019

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