Swimming has many benefits, including giving you a great full-body workout while keeping it easy on your joints.

Swimming and aqua fit exercises are good for many who are not afraid to get into swimming pool.

Swimming is not just a fun; it is all time activity, provided one has that facility. It is good for heart, muscle tone, and is good for weight loss.

According to the research data published by American College of Sports Medicine, based on one hour of swimming and body weight following calorie amount can be burnt by swimming.

  • A 130-pound person swimming freestyle for one hour will burn 590 calories swimming fast, and 413 calories swimming slower.
  • A 155-pound person swimming freestyle for one hour will burn 704 calories swimming fast, and 493 calories swimming slower.
  • A 180-pound person swimming freestyle for one hour will burn 817 calories swimming fast, and 572 calories swimming slower.
  • A 205-pound person swimming freestyle for one hour will burn 931 calories swimming fast, and 651 calories swimming slower.
  • And, if we talk about distance: swimming at 50-yards-per-minute burns around 550 calories per hour

Two points to remember here:

  1. Calorie burning in swimming depends on: speed/distance, duration, and frequency.
  2. Strokes like the breaststroke are easier to maintain, and may actually burn more calories than a couple of laps of freestyle since swimmers may do it for a longer period.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 24, 2015

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