Getting Good Sleep in Flight

Sleeping in flight

It is difficult to sleep in the plane with all distractions around you. Problems of light streaming through overhead, window or air hostess serving food etc. There won’t be enough leg room and wearing shoe and sleeping makes it tough. If you get empty seats next you then you are lucky!

Here are tips to get some rest in flight:

  • Choose your seat ahead and if you are not tall get a window seat to lean against it. Here you can also control sunshade. People won’t wake you up to use lavatory or for walking.
  • Be careful if you are going to choose bulkhead seats or exit row as sometimes these seats do not recline. Sometimes you can see young parents with toddlers or babies who needs special attention during travel next to these seats. First row seats also may not recline and you are close to lavatory.
  • Keep a minimum hand bag with you to avoid jam under your feet.
  • Get a neck pillow and use eye mask to block light. Take a thin bed sheet if you need to cover your entire body. Keep a sweater handy to avoid chill.
  • Do not drink coffee, tea or caffeinated drink during your travel – it may keep you awake if you want to sleep.

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