Skipping (Jumping Rope)

Considered as one of the best exercise for athletes, jumping rope or skipping is a full body exercise. When someone takes jumping rope as a regular exercise then they will burn lots of calories. This is because it is a whole body exercise. Jumping rope uses multiple and large muscles groups and makes it a very good cardio exercise.

Benefits: It helps in quick weight loss, improves coordination, agility, movement, cardiovascular fitness and develops stronger and firmer muscles and, good for lymphatic system. If you would like to melt that fat fast incorporate circuit exercise using jumping rope. This includes mix of both jumping rope and total body strength exercises for a fast-paced, whole body workout. Stay on the balls of your feet as you jump. In 10 minutes one can burn 200 calories. At slow pace a 130 pound person can burn 470 calories/hr, moderate pace: 590 calories and fast pace 708 calories/hr.

Circuit jump rope exercise: For a minute jump rope-  one minute squat – one minute jump rope- one minute normal or bear crawl pushups – one minute jump rope – one minute runner launch (both legs)  – one minute jump rope -one minute squat -one minute jump rope – one minute runner’s launch -one minute jump rope – squat with weight- one minute jump rope- one minute tummy crunch – one minute jump rope – one minute pushups – one minute jump rope- one minute overhead squat – two minutes jump rope – one minute leg crunch- one minute jump rope -cool down for  three minutes.

Caution: Jumping rope is not suitable for people who have knee problems.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 24, 2015

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