Seizure Response Dogs

Seizure Response Dogs

To inform and alert their handlers about an oncoming seizure service dogs are helpful.

They catch signals for their handlers 10-20 minutes before the seizure happens.

It gives a person an opportunity to move to safer place to take medication or to call help.

Seizure Alert Dogs are also trained to help their handlers by:

  • Rolling the person over to create an open airway
  • Clearing vomit from the mouth
  • Retrieving medication
  • Getting help from nearby
  • Operating a call button or emergency number
  • Blocking a handler with postictal disorientation from stairs and intersections
  • Assisting the handler to get up
  • Leading the disoriented handler to a safe location or a preset person

Seizure alert dogs are also seizure response dogs.

Seizure alert dogs are not trained specifically to alert to seizure attacks.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 16, 2018

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