Rice milk face wash

Rice milk face wash

Rice milk face wash : This is  Japanese traditional recipe. Japanese use rice milk as an anti-aging remedy. It is good for skin hydration. Rice flour used in the recipe does not dissolve easily and helps in exfoliation of skin. It also imparts glow to skin, helps in lighten scars and dark spots. It also cures sun burns.

One can prepare rice milk at home by cooking jasmine rice

  1. To 1 part jasmine rice, add 4 cups water
  2. Cook in pressure cooker or in a vessel
  3. Allow rice to cool
  4. Blend the rice and strain rice milk using a muslin cloth
  5. Freeze rice milk in freezer to make cubes
  6. Take cubes and add lye soap, when cubes melt castile soap – it should blend with rice milk
  7. If you prefer, add few drops of sesame oil, with your preference essential oil and herbs
  8. Blend all the content together to make a paste
  9. Transfer rice milk herbal paste into freezer in cubes
  10. When you are ready, take out rice milk soap and use for facial wash.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 13, 2019

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