RH negative people are descendants of aliens

RH negative people are descendants of aliens

No. They are not!

The new theory that is going around is 15% of world population that has RH negative blood group are descendants of aliens!

Science and researchers dismiss the theory because the evidence shows that having RH negative blood group is a natural occurrence in the process of evolution.

RH factor is defined by the presence of Antigen D. It means, those who are RH positive possess Antigen D in their blood and people who are RH negative does not have Antigen D.

In the world there is low percentage of RH negative group. Their distribution is not even – Africa disproportionately low about 3% and in Asia it is much lower. The gene that is responsible for RH negative group is largely present in Caucasians with highest percent.

The only way to inherit negative factor is from one of the parents because on the parents will have at least one negative factor.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 4, 2018

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