Nonstick and plastic cookware safety

Plastic & nonstick cookware

Plastics and nonstick coatings cookwares

Say no to both plastic and nonstick cookware. Using plastic containers can only cause health issues. Plastic wraps that are used for food warping releases harmful chemical materials to food. This happens when we use plastic materials in high temperatures such as microwave, oily hot food and when we serve hot food using plastic spoons. Moreover we all know negative effect and long term health effect of plastic on our lifestyle

Nonstick coatings are not safe to use even though they prevent food from sticking to the cookware. According to science studies, these materials are carcinogenic and likely to cause cancer. PFOA or Perfluorooctanoic acid or PTEF are materials that are widely used in nonstick coatings is a source of health concern. PFOA was even found in drinking water. When heated at high temperatures nonstick materials release poisonous chemicals that are harmful to human body. Today, widely Teflon products are PFOA free.  Research studies in recent years revealed that PFOA is present worldwide at very low levels in just everyone’s blood. It was linked to thyroid, chronic kidney disease, lever condition, testicular cancer and infertility.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 29, 2019

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