Physical activity guidelines for year 2020

Physical Activity guidelines for year 2020

Every new year most of us think about how we can be fit, active and healthy. Implementing physical activity in our day to day lives is critical for our health. No body wants to depend on other when comes to health and care. To improve our physical fitness, we need to be determined in terms of physical activity, diet and mental health. Evidences from past many decades show that physical activity is the way to get various health benefits:

1.       It improves bone health and weight

2.       Helps in cognitive functions in young adults

3.       Reduces risk of chronic conditions, cancer and many other diseases

4.       Benefits brain reduces anxiety and depression.

5.       Improves sleep and relaxes body and mind

6.       Helps in delivery, reduces risk of diabetes and postpartum depression in pregnant women

7.       Reduces risk of fall injuries in older adults

8.       Improves physical function, brings confidences and improves quality of life.

Next few slides from guidelines explain what type of physical activity and how much physical activity is needed for all age groups and at different conditions.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 6, 2020

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