Perchlorate is a manufactured as well as naturally occurring chemical anion compound that contains chlorine.

Perchlorate can form naturally in the atmosphere – dissolved in water or as solid.

Five types of perchlorates are manufactured largely – Percholorates of magnesium , potassium, ammonium, sodium , and lithium. These can react quickly at high temperatures.

Perchlorate are present in temporary adhesives, batteries, air bags, fire works, drying agents, cleaning agents such as bleach, oxygen generating systems, etching agents, rockets, missiles and dry food packaging materials to control static electricity.

Perchlorate may be present in animals, plants and water. Recently FDA found that 74% of foods analyzed had at least one sample of this chemical and it can enter body through skin.

The main effect of perchlorate on humans is, inhibits uptake of iodine that is required for thyroid hormone synthesis and caused hypothyroidism.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 6, 2018

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