Nutrition Quotes for a good reason

Nutrition Quotes for a good reason

Every once in a while we all need a little motivation to light a fire under our rear ends. Even the best of us get complacent and start going through the motions in workouts and diet. Here are few  motivational nutrition quotes that will give the spark to someone who want to start planning some healthy meals and stay away from those junk food.

Processed foods

1. “Processed foods not only extend the shelf life, but they extend the waistline as well.” – Karen Sessions

The first image that comes to mind for most people when they hear the term “processed food” is a wrapped burger and a sleeve of fries served over a counter at a fast food joint. What is processed food anyway? If it’s boxed, bagged, canned or jarred and has a list of ingredients on the label, it’s processed. Methods used to process foods include:





Aseptic Processing

Processed foods have been altered from their natural state for “safety” and convenience reasons.

Healthy Eating

2. “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness.” – Edward Stanley

The common phrase that we hear from many “busy” people “Eating healthy takes too much time.” Finding a happy medium between convenience and healthy eating requires some thought and planning. Consider why you eat on the run and how this affects your food choices. Lack of time and stress from work prevents people from preparing meals. But you can use your microwave to make healthy foods. Frozen vegetables, for example, require little preparation, yet they are forgotten during mealtime. Keep a bag of your favorite vegetables on hand (spinach, string beans, carrots, peas), pour them in a bowl and microwave for 5 minutes. Nothing could be simple

True health Care

3. “True health-care reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington” -Anonymous

A well-stocked kitchen allows you to throw together a fast, flavorful meal after a long day. And, when you wake up and have to dash out the door for work, it pays to have grab-and-go breakfast and snack options on hand.  Healthy eating begins in the kitchen, whether it’s in a home, restaurant, dining hall, or other venue. To get the most out of the recipes you prepare, keep your kitchen stocked with ingredients from the Healthy Eating Pyramid.

Healthy Eating Pyramid
Healthy Eating Pyramid


Exercise is King

4. “Exercise is King, nutrition is Queen, put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.”-Jack LaLanne

World-class athletes know that success depends on training and nutrition. They carefully choose the foods they eat, so the right combination of nutrients will fuel them to success. Take some tips and transform your eating habits into a world-class diet. By eating wisely, you will reap the benefits of being properly fueled. Maximize muscle growth, aide recovery and replenish glycogen stores, and you will have the energy and endurance to power you through your workouts and athletic endeavors. To achieve healthy kingdom one needs both exercise king and nutrition queen for their body!

Health is like money

5. “Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.” -Josh Billings

A Physically Fit and Healthy Person can find various ways of earning, While for a person whose Health has deteriorated beyond redemption, no amount of money can given him Joy or Peace of Mind. Don’t we see enough examples of this- Burn-Outs in the 30’s and 40’s,Depression, Stress and Lifestyle illness, all in the cause of getting ‘Rich’. What’s the point of having money if one can’t even enjoy it? (As expressed by Vijay Nallavala, Quora).

Let food be thy medicine

6. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”-Hippocrates

Who hasn’t seen or heard Hippocrates’ famous quote about letting food be your medicine and your medicine your food? Hippocrates and his followers used diet to treat many illnesses, it’s not really clear what sort of success they had. However, this ancient idea that virtually all disease could be treated with diet, however much or little it was embraced by Hippocrates, has become an idée fixe in alternative medicine. Now in modern day science it is proven that diet is very important. Where there is healthy eating there is not much room for worry about medicine.

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