Notifications and Distractions

Notifications and Distractions

It is very easy and too easy to be sucked into the social media world through one alert. WhatsApp, facebook, twitter, emails, instagram, youtube, snapchat, tumbler… list goes on …you name it! People whether at home, work , wedding, funeral, fitness center .. Will look at notifications and gets distracted. Do you know – this not only has effect on your family life but also can cost you your job? In important meetings if your phone sends you notification – you are distracted and so your colleagues. What amuses me is when people are at yoga and meditation – looking at phone. One does yoga to find peace and for health. Turn off your notifications before stepping into something important or turn your phone off when you are at your work- to save your job, at dinner to save your relationships, turn off your phone at mediation – to find inner peace! These are only few examples. Use of smartphones in a vacation? Forget about smartphone and give rest to your smartphone!

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 14, 2016

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