Medical innovation technology

Medical technology innovations in 2018

There are interesting medical innovations are expected in 2018. These medical technology innovations are going to help well beings of humans. Both researchers and doctors are on the forefront of medical technology to enhance patients care by these new innovations. Every time there is a breakthrough in medicine and technology there is a new ray of hope to survive for those who suffer from different conditions. Some of the medical innovations that are gaining attention in 2018 are in next few slides.

Drone for delivering medicine: Read more

Drone in Medical technology

ASL Patients communication is easy: Read more

ASL patients

CRISPR technology: Read more


Artificial pancreas: Read more

Artificial pancreas

Enhanced Recovery Program:Read more

Enhanced Surgery recovery

Improved treatments for sleep apnea: Read more

Sleep apnea device

Human Head transplant: Read more

Human head transplant

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 14, 2018

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