Mageirocohobia - Fear of Cooking

Mageirocohobia – Fear of Cooking

It is fear of cooking and it can be of many forms. Some may be afraid of cooking for larger groups or some may be afraid of chores that involved in cooking like cutting vegetables, getting ready for cooking or mixing food.

It is a common type of phobia found in many. It interferes with daily life of people if they have mageirocophobia.

Person may even avoid cooking and stressed out by the fact that he/she is not a good cook. They might even give a reason of making others sick by improper cooking or might say food ingredients not enough to cook or edible. They are even afraid of trying recipes or many recipes.

The idea of serving bad food overwhelms them. In minor cases, they will use microwave or take out or eat sandwiches if they must help themselves.

Slowly introducing the person to various chores of cooking is one way to take out this phobia of cooking. Giving confidence and not criticizing helps the person to overcome the fear of cooking.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 19, 2018

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