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How to keep skin moisturized in winter

Keeping skin moisturized is necessary for skin health during winter. Skin is the major organ of the body that always comes in contact with harsh weather. Many of us face dry and itchy skin problem in winter. Reason for this is, moisture in the skin strips off and skin becomes dry. Chopped and unhealthy skin can cause irritation, itchiness, rashes, and other symptoms. Sometimes cracks can lead to bleeding. While applying creams and moisturizers one should be careful to check the ingredients. Some of these products might contain irritants and will not go well with skin.  If you are not a fan of cosmetics and cream, to protect moisture in the skin home remedies can help.  How to keep skin moisturized in winter – see next few slides.

Aloe vera and honey for skin: Read more

Aloe vera gel and honey for skin

Rose water and honey: Read more

Rose water and honey for skin care

Strawberry, honey and milk cream: Read more

Strawberry, milk and honey

Honey and lemon juice: Read more

Lemon juice and honey for skin

Turmeric, cream and honey: Read more

turmeric, cream and honey for skin

Raw milk and honey: Read more

Honey and raw milk for skin

Coconut oil and Sesame oil: Read more

coconut oil and sesame oil for skin

Almond powder and milk: Read more

almond powder and milk for skin

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 26, 2019

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