How safe is cookware

Is your cookware safe

Is your cookware safe to use?

Our health condition largely depends on the food that we consume. Apart from food there are several other factors that influence our health like the way we cook and the material that we use for cooking purposes. Cookware materials that we use daily are made from different types of metals and materials. Pots, vessels and other utensils are made from traditional clay, glass materials as well as materials that are developed with new technology inventions. These materials can enter our system through the food because we use them to cook on heat source most time. Our cookware selections depend on our choice, how and what we cook.

Most of the cooking materials are mostly harmless but sometimes we must be careful and have knowledge about the cookware what it is made of and how to handle or use it. If we use cookware the way it should be, there won’t be problem for health. If not, there is some potential risk for health when we use some of the cookware materials not right way.

Next few slides explain daily cookware materials, their benefits and risks that we might face by using it.

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Silicone cookware safety

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