Is having 6 packs sign of fitness?

Is having 6 packs sign of fitness?

It may be a fantasy of many but surely a person who has six packs ab cannot be fit.

When we see magazine covers and actors with six packs abs we tend to think this is the epitome of fitness and health both. It means one has low body fat. It means the essential body fat percentage is compromised in an individual.

The emphasis is more on aesthetics than being fit. This hurt and damages the health and fitness goal.

Achieving six pack abs is difficult and it needs lot of workout and needs efforts to maintain. It is impossible to have sculpted look all the time.

One should be aware of the health hazards of undertaking such regimes. It does not mean a person is fit, instead it can affect the lining of the internal organs.

One should aim for functionally being fit rather than fantasizing mentally and physically to get six pack.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 4, 2018

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