Introduction to Skin Diseases

Introduction to Skin Diseases

Skin is an important organ of our body and is the largest organ. It covers the body and protects body from outside world.

Apart from holding body fluids to prevent dehydration, skin protects from pollution, keeps body temperature balanced, absorbs Vitamin D and prevents infection.

Our external beauty depends on skin texture too. Having a good and beautiful skin gives us confidence. We use various types of skin care products to keep skin healthy. Any conditions that develop on skin can be very irritating.

Some of the conditions that affects other organs of the body appears as reactions on the skin. Swelling, burning, itching, allergy reactions, redness, immune system deficiency and genetic makeup -all lead to skin irritation. Some skin conditions have cure.

There are few skin conditions does not have cure and should be controlled through diet and by limiting exposure to environmental factors.

You will read what are major, different types of skin conditions in next few slides.

Eczema and Acne: Click here to read more

Eczema and Acne - Skin Diseases

Hives and Impetigo: Click here to read more

Impetigo and Hives - Skin Diseases

Melanoma Skin Cancer: Click here to read more

Melanoma Skin Cancer

Moles and Rashes: Click here to read more

Mole and Rashes - Skin Diseases

Psoriasis: Click here to read more

Psoriasis - Skin Disease

Rosacea: Click here to read more

Rosacea - Skin Diseases



Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 8, 2018

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