Cooking creativity, curiosity, learning skills

Increases curiosity learning skills and creativity

Increases curiosity, learning skills and creativity : Have your kids look for simple recipes. While researching they might find some interesting facts about foods.

They will learn how to cook food and be independent. They will learn cleaning and washing tips. Gives them a chance to experiment in kitchen with different ingredients. They give attention and become keen observer.

Their creativity and passion about science will grow. Curiosity will help them to learn about kinds of food ingredients. 

In addition kids will learn stuffs – math, serving, washing, microbes, measuring – what is pinch of salt, what is table spoon, tea spoon, cup of flour, difference between gallon and liters, ounces, grams etc. – Cooking inspires children’s creativity, thinking, and problem solving skills. It helps them to multi tasking and approach new opportunities easily.

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: February 28, 2019

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