Hula Hooping

Hula Hooping

If you are really sick of those extra tyres on your body then hula hooping is one the best exercise to get rid of those tyres. Many celebrities has been using hula hooping as a preferred exercise to keep them fit and slim. Those extra pound gained after delivery or baby fat can leave the body by hula hooping.

If you are not familiar with hula hooping watch you tube video or understand the basics of hula hooping. To start with go for basic moves and feel comfortable. Later move onto advanced steps by mixing and matching for your own head to toe tone-up.  To keep the hoop moving, shift your weight quickly between your front and back legs, moving your hips backward and forward. If you feel the hoop beginning to drop, stand up straighter and push the front of your hip into the hoop as it comes around. It takes few attempts or few days to get the hand of hooping. One can do any combination moves for 30 minutes. In 30 minutes one can burn anywhere between 150 to 250 calories. Hula hooping is fun and one can do it every day while watching TV or while taking a break. One can notice changes around the body with a reduction in size from 3 to 6 inches within 4 weeks including belly region !

For a good workout, you need to buy a hoop for adults, which is larger and heavier—and therefore easier to use—than the kind made for kids. If you are new to hula, aim for one that is at least 40 inches in diameter and weighs 1 to 2 pounds.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 24, 2015

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