Support in crisis

How to support in a crisis

How to support in a crisis

A person who tried to commit suicide might not be under watch from family or friends. Many times when the crisis happens, families are caught off-guard, unsure and unprepared of what to do. Person who attempted to commit suicide might not be predictable or his behavior would not have showed much change either.

When there is a crisis that happens without family’s knowledge, family and friends should approach the crisis in few ways:

  1. Talk openly and ask for the reason
  2. Ask what method or plan he /she would have used? – remove things like sleeping pills, guns, knives, poisons
  3. Ask what the reason for the attempt is. Don’t try to reason it. Just listen.
  4. Ask whether the person needs to see a psychiatrist and suggest the name of a psychiatrist
  5. If you are not alone in the room with the person, then let others ask questions one by one. While one person asking question, let others listen and note answers
  6. Do not threaten, argue or raise your voice with victim
  7. Do not debate about suicide topic
  8. Be patient, stay calm. If you are nervous try not to pace.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 13, 2019

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