Practice good posture

How to practice good posture

If you are not already, consider correcting your posture. Many of our pains and sufferings of body comes from bad posture. Posture is the position in which we hold our bodies standing, sitting or lying down (American Chiropractic association). When we use proper posture, which means correct alignment of body parts against gravity, supported by right amount of muscle tension, our body feels good and pain goes away.

Our body do not consciously maintain correct or normal posture. This will be done by muscles. To get into good posture all muscles groups will take part. Whether it is hamstring, back muscle, postural muscles – all take part in holding good posture. Ligaments help to hold skeleton together and muscles prevents the gravity from pushing us. Postural muscle role is to maintain not just posture but also balance while moving.

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Reasons to practice good posture

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