Shoulder stand modifications

How to modify shoulder stand

How to modify shoulder stand

It is important to keep neck and shoulder in proper position while doing shoulder stand. Do not move head side to side or look side while doing shoulder or head stand. To keep neck protected one can either use prop or modify the pose

  1. Use prop: Keep one or two folded sheets or yoga mats under the shoulder and then extend the legs (Picture A)
  2. Keep legs on the wall: Place both legs extended on the wall. Let your lower back sit on the floor. Extend your hands on both sides as shown in the picture. This gives same benefit as shoulder stand (Picture B)
  3. Place a yoga block or mat on lower back: If you have lower back problem, place a block or a folded mat under lower back then extend the leg (Picture C)
  4. Place hands on lower back and the place both feet on the wall as shown in picture (Picture D)

Don’t forget to breath, inhale and exhale 4-5 times

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 9, 2019

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