Eagle pose modification

How to Modify Eagle Pose

How to Modify Eagle Pose

Interlocking arms and hooking one leg behind other leg is difficult for many yogis even after several years of practice. Another requirement of this pose is, even though arms and legs are twisted body should be in straight line ! There are two modifications for this pose.

  1. Instead of hooking your leg behind other leg slide the foot down and place it on the floor like Krishna’s pose.
  2. Another way to get into this pose is, squeeze your thighs and arms tightly to get into balance. Bring them to a straight line. Now, bend your knees deeply and sink tailbone close to floor. Instead of lifting the foot and hooking it back, start sliding the toes down on back of the other leg. While balancing move your chest away from the thighs and stack shoulders over hips. Focus on one point.
  3. Modifications for eagle arms: These below modifications will still give you the benefits of opening shoulder
  4. Bring palms and elbows together instead of hooking elbows.
  5. Hook elbows and bring the palms together
  6. Keep elbows lower and tighter to body
  7. Hug yourself instead
  8. Bend one arm and hook other hand between below and biceps of the bend arm
  9. Use a strap to help you hook elbows and palms.

Don’t forget to breath, inhale and exhale 4-5 times

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 9, 2019

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