Child pose modification

How to Modify Child’s Pose

How to Modify Child’s Pose

Child pose is resting pose. But some people find it hard to do the pose because of the way their body is structured or knee pain, back pain can make it difficult for them to use this beautiful pose. Here are modifications for child’s pose or balasana.

  1. If you have more belly: Try separating the knees – as wide as your mat. Let your big toes touch. Flex hips and lengthen forward to keep belly between legs. One can also keep a pillow between the calves to get more comfortable in this pose (Picture A)
  2. To get more stretch: Extend and reach your arms all the way to 12 ‘O clock position. Lift upper and lower arms away. You can place tip of your fingers on the floor (Picture B)
  3. If you have hand and shoulder pain: Bend arms at elbows and keep elbows on both side of the head, let your palms in be prayer position on back of neck
  4. Rest arms and shoulders: In this variation bring both arms beside of the body. Let your palms face up beside pelvis or heels and shoulder relax (Picture C)
  5. Head Variations in child pose: If you are unable to touch your forehead onto the floor, keep a block or folded towel or place head on both fists. This will help you to get same stretch as regular child pose and relaxes entire body. Make sure your neck is aligned properly and does not having any discomfort (Picture D)

Don’t forget to breath, inhale and exhale 4-5 times

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 9, 2019

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