Helping a friend in need

Helping a friend

How to help a friend in distress

Remember being friend means being there during both fun time and difficult times. A friend will need you most during the difficult time. Just talking sometime might help the friend to feel less lonely. A simple conversation can go long way and save a life.

Offer support if you notice any of the symptoms described in previous slide. Do your best to be there with your friend through their journey and be ready to help when they reach out. Offering specific things could help like:

  • How can I support right now, is there something I can do for you now
  • Can I find mental health services and support
  • What will make you feel better, do you want me to come to support group or specialist
  • Also, check in regularly. Include your friend in your plans, avoid using judgmental an dismissive language such as “you will be fine”, “toughen up” or “you will get over it”.
  • Learn more about mental health conditions and it will help you to understand the situation better. Talk to a responsible adult with confidence and get support.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 13, 2019

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