Hearing and Wheelchair Assistance Dogs

Hearing Dogs and Wheelchair Assistance Dogs

Hearing Dogs

Hearing dogs are for Deaf handlers and they alert their deaf partner. They are specifically trained for various environmental sounds including Alarms, knocking, doorbells, phone ringing, cars. Handlers generally do not show visible disability and might be communicating with use of hearing aid.

Hearing dogs often do not wear special gear. However sometimes you can see them waring orange color vest. They are trained to respond to sounds that their owner needs to know.

Wheelchair Assistance Dogs

People who cannot walk and handle day to day light will make use of wheel chair assistance dogs services. These dogs help with retrieving phones, opening doors, picking up objects and walk with person who is using wheelchair.

These service dogs will wear gear when the handler need assistance in outside world.

Medical Alert Dogs (MADs)

Medical alert dogs are trained to alert their handler to potentially dangerous medical conditions including blood pressure, blood sugar levels, hormone levels and verifiable, measurable bodily symptom.

Handlers may or may not have disability. These dogs do wide range of jogs – Epilepsy alert dogs are one category. These dogs sense the attack and will be with handler all the time.

Job: To alert their handler to dangerous physiological changes such as blood pressure, hormone levels or another verifiable, measurable bodily symptom.

All DADs (Diabetic Alert Dogs) are Medical Alert Dogs, but not all Medical Alert Dogs are DADs.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 16, 2018

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