Healthy food healthy teeth

Healthy food healthy teeth

Foods generally that help dental health are:

High amount of calcium and nutrients that are present in the following foods makes them essential for dental health. Calcium and phosphorus are two essential minerals needed for strong teeth, to rebuild enamel and to protect teeth from infections

  • Cheese, milk, plain yogurt, calcium-fortified tofu, leafy greens and almonds,
  • Protein-rich foods like meat, poultry, fish, milk and eggs are the best sources of phosphorus.
  • If we balance sugar intake it is good for teeth. If we must eat sweet – consume it in the form of fruits and vegetables. Both have high water content as well as fiber content. These foods help in salvia production in mouth. Saliva is essential for food digestion. It also washes harmful acids and food particles, helps neutralize food and protects teeth from decaying and cavities.
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin A are also present in fruits and vegetables both are important for gums and enamels.
  • In addition, drinking water that contains fluorine at certain level is important for tooth.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 13, 2019

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