Harmful foods for dental health

Harmful foods for dental health

Foods that harm dental health:

Foods that contain sugar and other form of sweet supplements are not good for teeth. Stay away from foods that do not provide nutrition and calories for the body.

Empty calorie foods like lollipops, mints, caramel, candy, milk chocolates, muffins, cakes must be kept away and one should have occasionally. These foods does not have any nutritional value. Avoid sweets and sugary drinks for dental hygiene concern. Those bacteria that are sitting in mouth will feed on these sugars and release acids that will cause decay and eventually cavities.

If you are a fan of sweetened iced tea, coffee – cut down on sugar or take without sugar. Sometimes for those who have sensitive teeth, acidic fruits like tomato, citrus fruits can hurt tooth enamel. If you consume such fruits, eat them along with meal. When you eat dry fruits that are good for health, make sure to brush your mouth properly as many dry fruits like dates, prunes, raisins can stick to teeth for longtime causing plaque and decay. It is a good idea to opt out for fresh fruit instead.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 13, 2019

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