Food Packing Materials

Food Packing Materials – How Safe They Are

We all buy packed foods for easy comforts. Glass, papers, news papers, brown bags, cardboard boxes, metals, aluminum foil etc take part in our lives through food. These materials help us to make our busy life easy.

The quality of foods depends on the packaging material. This is because packaging of foods prevents the microbial contamination by exposing the food to outside environment. Packing material helps in extending shelf life of foods and in reducing food wastage.

However use of packaged foods always not safe. The chemicals present in packaging material can cause more harm than helping our health.

Some of the common packing materials and the impact they can cause on our health are described in next few slides.

Food In Glass Containers

Food In Glass Containers


Energy Drinks and Beer Cans

Energy Drinks & Beer Cans


Plastic Packaging

Food Packing In Plastic


Plastics For Juice and Milk Cartons

Milk & Juice Containers


Aluminum Foil Containers

Food in Aluminium Foil Containers


Banana and Areca Leaf Trays and Bags and Left Over Woods

Banana Packing Materials


Food Packing In Newspapers

Food Packed In Newspapers


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 2, 2017

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