Face powder safety

Facial powder safety

Facial powder safety : Facial powders contain Talc which is hydrous magnesium silicate a soft material used in foods, drugs, cosmetics etc. In cosmetics and personal care talc is also used as an absorbent. Talc is generally safe and is listed as color additive by FDA and can be used as a component of cosmetics. Concern is presence of asbestos in powder. Cosmetic grade talc should not contain asbestos.

When applying facial powder some may develop respiratory problem due to particle size. Reports also say that use of facial powder/talc can cause ovarian cancer.

When buying talcum powder look for all-natural ingredients’ product.  Avoid loose powders as it might enter eyes, mouth and nasal passage. Sometimes powder can cause irritation, reaction and rashes in skin. Apply and test on small area of your skin for allergic reaction.

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: February 6, 2019

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