Yoga pose modifications

Easy modifications of yoga poses

Sometimes certain yoga poses can pose issues on the body. It might be hard to get into the poses or if the body alignment is not proper it could pose problem on body parts. Not getting into yoga poses the way we must, could be strenuous and result in pain in hands, joints, can cause numbness, tingling, pain in the back or advanced yoga poses can put us at risk of any type of injury. We might need to see doctor or undergo therapy to recover from injury. Generally, the advice while doing yoga is “listen to your body”.  It means we should be able to understand the limit that body has. Pushing ourselves to get into poses that our body don’t accept easily can result in body injury.  One must totally understand how to get into a pose as well as get out of the pose while practicing yoga. It is an important lesson in yoga training one need to learn. Many people quit yoga because of injuries or not knowing there are modifications that we can adopt for many yoga poses.

Adding modifications or using yoga props can help us to get into the poses and it puts less pressure on vulnerable body parts. These modifications make yoga poses easy and safe and one can enjoy yoga more without feeling any discomfort.   Next few slides will show modifications for few basic yoga poses and exercise for wrist recovery.

How to modify side plank pose?

Side plank variations

How to modify eagle pose? 

Eagle pose modification

How to modify child pose?

Child pose modification

How to modify tree pose?

Tree pose modification

How to modify shoulder stand? 

Shoulder stand modifications

How to modify pigeon pose? 

Pigeon pose modification  

Wrist recovery exercises:

Wrist recovery exercises

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