Dressing for Long Flight Duration

Dressing for long flight duration

Be comfortable as much as possible with your clothes.

  • Wear loose clothes and a thin sweater (if needed).
  • Wear comfortable soft shoes to slip on and if your feet swell it should be able to accommodate.
  • Board early and settle down in seat with pillow and blanket. Request flight attendant if you don’t have one.
  • Wear soft socks and even if you remove your shoe, continue wearing socks.
  • Keep a small towel/handkerchief with you – it helps if something falls on you.
  • Long sleeve T shirt and a thin jacket is good for traveling.
  • Don’t wear too much jewelry – can cause nuisance while traveling.
  • Keep paste and tooth brush in your purse. Brushing teeth and combing hair keeps you refreshed.

Published by: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 14, 2017

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